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Countertops: Your Space, Your Budget

Find the countertop surface that’s best for your space and budget. 

Find Your Surface

At Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops, we offer a diverse collection of natural and engineered stones, including:

  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • Solid Surface
  • Marble
  • and, Quartzite

Narrow your surface selections with this handy buying guide. It’s a great reference to the pros and cons of countertop surfaces.

Countertop Surface Samples

What types of countertops are best?

The best countertop for you depends on what type of space you need countertops for.

Think About Your Project Space

Countertop solutions for busy families and high traffic areas will be different than the urban pad designed for minimal usage.

If you are considering countertops for a busy kitchen, a countertop surface’s strong resistance to scratching, stains, heat, and impact will be important.

If you are looking for new countertops for a special space where you don’t anticipate as much traffic and daily use, your available options can expand to include softer materials like marble. In some cases, you might desire to mix and match with granite for your kitchen island and marble for your baking area.

The bottom line is the type of material you select should be known to work well in the space you anticipate using it in.

Kitchen Remodel Granite Countertops

Planning The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen?

Designer Amy has created an easy cheat sheet to help educate you on what you need to know to select the best outdoor kitchen countertops. Plus, she’ll introduce you to one of her new favorite surfaces, Dekton.

Countertop Surfaces: Resistance to Scratching, Scorching and Staining

Take into consideration your need for a surface’s resistance to scratching, scorching, and staining when selecting a countertop surface.

Countertop Resistance to Scratching, Scorching and Staining

Measure Your Space

Here at Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops, we recommend measuring your space prior to a countertop selection so that your budget can be a consideration in the selection process. 

Countertop costs can vary widely. The square footage of your space will determine how much of a countertop surface is needed. Our Countertop Costing Breakdown provides an estimated breakdown of countertop costing per square foot for the surface types we offer.

You will notice from the chart that costing varies amongst surface type but will also vary depending on the color and texture you select. Our team will be happy to discuss the impact choices have on cost and provide you with options that meet your budgetary needs.

Download our free measurement sheet to measure your space and if you need help our “How to Use A Countertop Measurement Sheet” video will walk you through how to use the sheet.

How To Measure Your Countertops?

Watch this quick video of Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops’ Owner/Designer Chris Gibson explaining how you can quickly and easily measure your existing countertops.

Select Your Style 

When you have a good idea of the countertop surface you are interested in, you will be ready to select a hue, style, and color.

For this stage of the countertop buying process, consider scheduling a free consultation with a designer.

Professionals can expedite the selection process for you since they are familiar with available inventory and can match your preferences and budget to inventory. They can also offer advice on how to organize your kitchen countertops and match your cabinets to the countertops.

You can begin the search for countertops by browsing our Curated Collections online or visit us in our showroom in Supply, NC to see our product availability.

Client Countertop Selection in Supply NC Showroom

See Our Work

Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops has completed countertop projects across Brunswick County. If you are interested in replacing your countertops, check out some of our latest projects in the area for inspiration.

Bolivia NC Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Remodel

Granite Himalaya White

This Shallotte, NC kitchen remodel used Granite Himalaya White.

U-Shaped Kitchen Design

Quartz Stellar White

This Calabash, NC project used Quartz Stellar White in their kitchen remodel.

U-Shaped Kitchen Design

Silestone Ariel

This Oak Island, NC project used Silestone Ariel in their kitchen remodel.

Pantry Wall Cabinet in Kitchen

Granite Blanco Azul

A Whiteville customer chose Granite Blanco Azul for their project. 

Pantry Wall Cabinet in Kitchen

Granite Blue Flowers Leathered

A Boliva customer chose Granite Blue Flowers Leathered for their project.

Ocean Isle Beach New Construction Bathroom Project

Cultured Marble Bianco Chrome

This Supply, NC project chose a cultured marble for their bathroom remodel.

Why A Local Countertop Store?

By going local, you have the choice to hand-pick your countertop slab. This is something big-box retailers are unable to do for their customers. Go local and eliminate the chance for surprises. You can hand-pick your slab for peace of mind that your investment will be one that you love.   

Cost of Countertops

Understanding what is factored into the cost of countertops will help you compare your countertop options. Remember to consider not only the material cost but also the cost for countertop installation. 

Material Cost

The material cost of countertops is a major factor in pricing but it’s not everything. The square footage of your space will determine how much of the countertop surface is needed. Countertop fabrication (to cut, edge, and polish raw stone) will be included unless a prefabricated slab is chosen. The thickness preference of your countertop (1.2 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm, etc) will also factor into pricing.

Countertop Installation

Professional installers are recommended as most countertop solutions require specialized tools. If you choose to DIY your project, do your research and make sure you don’t select a material like granite which is very unforgiving. A quote will include an estimate of the time necessary to prep the space for countertop installation including the removal and disposal of existing surfaces. It will also include time for sanding and shaping necessary to make a perfect fit while polishing and sealing to prepare the countertop for its functional use.

Get Started! Request A Quote.

By requesting a free countertop quote, you can begin to budget for what it might cost for replacement

Granite Countertops