Restoration Division

Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops and Brunswick Tile and Flooring have partnered to launch a Restoration Division providing assistance to restoration companies across Brunswick County.

Our Restoration Division acts as an extension to your Restoration team to help you get homeowners back on their feet after a catastrophe.

We Know The Language of Restoration

Our team of experts understand the series of events that are necessary from assessing the damage to taking pictures and consulting experts prior to an adjuster submitting their recommendation. Our team is experienced in helping customers understand the insurance parameters of an adjuster’s estimation and skilled at working within them.

The Brunswick Team

Decades of Expertise

With decades of renovation and restoration experience, we understand how to read the property claim’s estimation and the different tiers of quality an adjuster might recommend for restoring the home.


Treat Your Homeowner with Care and Respect

The situation a homeowner finds themselves when calling a restoration company isn’t on the best of terms. It takes a higher degree of empathy to work in restoration and offering homeowners a higher level of service is where we excel. Our knowledge and understanding will allow us to act as an extension of your company and help bring closure to the event that has lead your client to you.

Can Work Within A Budget & Make Lemonade

Our business is experienced in managing projects of all sizes and budgets. We take great pride in our ability to work within a budget to restore a damaged space to its pre-damaged condition. 

Success for us, however, is to rebuild a space better. We do our best to make lemonade even when life has thrown a homeowner some lemons. As rebuilding specialists, we try to improve a customer’s space either in its style, function, or both when possible.


A Value Add to Your Brand

With 5 star ratings on Google, we’ve built a strong reputation for delivering for our customers. 

As Restoration Partners, our goal will not change. We will strive to add 5-star value to your brand’s reputation. 

5-Star Customer Service at Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops
Home Restoration Partners

Ready to Partner?

Would you like to discuss becoming partners? We’d love to learn more about your business and give you the opportunity to get to know us.

Our division of experienced professionals is also happy to provide you with references so you can hear firsthand how much of a difference we have made for other restoration companies like you.

To schedule an appointment or request to speak with us, fill out the short form below and we will be in contact with you shortly.