Brunswick County

Holden Beach, NC

Holden Beach, NC, is a coastal town located along the southern coast of Brunswick County. With its beaches, welcoming community, and atmosphere, Holden Beach captures the essence of a true beach town.

Holden Beach Style

Our Holden Beach, NC homeowners often embrace a style that reflects the town’s relaxed beach lifestyle and natural surroundings.

Discover the home styles we’ve seen from our clients over the years in addition to the styles they’ve chosen for cabinets and countertops.

Discover the home styles we’ve seen from our Holden Beach clients over the years.

  • Coastal casual aesthetic
  • Light and airy interiors
  • Soft color palette inspired by the beach and ocean
  • Emphasis on natural elements and textures
  • Nautical accents and beach-themed decor
  • Comfortable and functional furniture
  • Outdoor living spaces to maximize coastal living


When it comes to cabinets and countertops, we’ve seen the following from our Holden Beach homeowners.

  • Cabinets: Light-colored, often with shaker-style or beadboard design
  • Countertops: Natural stone in lighter tones with subtle veining