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Designer Amy Richardson

Get to know more about Designer Amy Richardson. Her early influences that set the trajectory for her career and, discover the one thing (!) you will never see in her home.

Q&A with Amy Richardson – Designer

The person

On a houseboat, in the Caribbean, listening to someone’s life story (while stirring up some tasty food) in a perfectly designed kitchen is Amy’s dream but her reality – minus the Caribbean and houseboat – is pretty close!

Amy’s devoted 20+ years to building a successful design career by listening to customers describe how they live in an effort to design them a perfect kitchen. Her love for cooking brings practicality and thoughtfulness to her designs.

Choosing to work with Amy means you’ll benefit from great advice on where to make investments in your kitchen to make your day-to-day life easier. Yet, Amy will bring more than just practical advice to your project.

Past customers agree. Amy’s good-natured (some even say hilarious) spirit will keep your experience fun and memorable. And, it is for this reason we love Amy and know you’ll almost certainly love working with her!

The professional

Amy was surrounded by family in the construction business throughout childhood. It might have been this exposure that led to her early love for drafting in high school and her itch to draw. But, a separate passion for helping others ultimately led Amy to pursue a degree in Psychology at UNCW for a future in counseling.

It wasn’t until after college when an opportunity arose at a big-box retailer that she realized she might able to pursue both. She landed herself a job designing kitchens and realized to be a great designer you must be great at customer discovery and drawing. Fast-forward to today and we’ll say Amy has the secret sauce to success.

Amy’s ability to ask all the right questions when working with customers to help them make important decisions about what type of kitchen is best is what sets her apart. An initial one-on-one consultation with Amy is thorough so that she has the information needed to design kitchen visuals in the form of CAD renderings. It’s the process of discovering a customer’s wants and needs and bringing the vision to life that still gives Amy the greatest professional satisfaction.

Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops Designer Amy Richardson

Personal Interior Style


Favorite Paint Color

“Any shade of green.”

Favorite Cabinet Style for Kitchens

Transitional. Mix of rustic and modern or traditional.

Favorite Countertop for Kitchens

“It depends. I like the leather finish on granite.”

Every Kitchen Needs...

“A trash can pull out.”

The One Thing You'll Never Find In My Home

“Bradley Cooper, unfortunately 🤣.


A project in good hands

The Absolute Best for Your Budget

Experience is a great predictor of success and here at Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops, we believe a project in good hands is one managed with years of experience.

If you’re seeking a design partner that is able to say “been there and done that”, Amy’s your design partner. With Amy, you’ll be guided away from unnecessary challenges and towards practical and thoughtful solutions based on your wants and needs.

Amy’s design approach is to take a space and make it as functional as possible while designing to suit a client’s personal taste. This is why Amy is a good designer. But, it’s her sincerest desire to make sure the selections you make are the absolute best for your budget that make her a great designer.

The sophistication Amy has with CAD helps her quickly confirm if her interpretations of a customer’s wants and needs have been captured perfectly and are ready to be brought to life.

If she sees a familiar face of happiness when you see your rendering for the first time, she will know she is on the right track.

Kitchen Design Rendering

Describe a Favorite Project

“Small house, really small kitchen, and a really tight budget. We worked together and really made excellent use of the space. The client was in tears when she came to me after having family over for Thanksgiving. She thought that I had made her holiday possible.”

Favorite Thing About your Career

“My client’s face when they see the rendering for the first time. Then, of course, the final product.”

Most important question a Homeowner should ask themselves when replacing a kitchen

“What do I dislike about my current kitchen?”

Cabinet and Countertop Pairings

Curated by Amy

Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops offers designer pairing picks to help locals begin their cabinet and countertop search.

If you’d like to know more about this Designer Pairing Pick, contact us. We’d be happy to set up a call with Amy for you to discuss the pairing and any additional questions you may have. 


Designer Pairing Pick: September 2021

“It’s Fall Y’all”Amy’s cabinetry choice from Kraftmaid for her September 2021 pairing was influenced by the season change that’s on the way.

Her cabinetry choice from Kraftmaid is Rustic Alder in a Sunset Stain with Suede topcoat. This cabinet choice has been paired with Silestone’s Ariel, a countertop with white tones and blurred veining that balances the vintage choice of backsplash from our sister company Brunswick Tile and Flooring, and blends with the glazed porcelain tile shown in Neopolis Bianco.

This fall pairing selection by Amy has us dreaming of grabbing the coffee mug in our kitchen on a perfect fall morning. 🍁

September 2021 Designer Pairing Pick by Amy

Designer Pairing Pick: August 2021

“Mix of Old & New ” – Amy has selected a mixture of old and new with her August 2021 pairing. 

She has paired Kraftmaid cabinets in Aged River Rock with Burly Boards Ambrosia Maple countertops. A kitchen with this pairing will give you rustic, beachy cottage vibes and our pairing picks from our sister company Brunswick Tile and Flooring will make sure your space stays airy and bright. 

If you are seeking to renovate your kitchen with a mix of styles, this is a pairing to consider.

August 2021 Designer Pairing Pick by Amy

Designer Pairing Pick: July 2021

“Deep & Saturated”Amy’s cabinetry choice from Kraftmaid for her July 2021 pairing is shown in a deep and saturated green.

Her pairing from Kraftmaid is Shepparton Maple in Rainfall Suede and has been paired with a quartz countertop from Silestone in Miami Vena for a classic and timeless look.

To add movement to this pairing, Artistic Tile’s Origami from the Waterjet Collection was chosen as the collaboration backsplash pick from our sister company, Brunswick Tile and Flooring and Danya from Datile was chosen for the floor tile.

If you are seeking a unique look that feels modern and sophisticated yet extremely cozy, this pairing is worth a look.

Designer Amy Richardson Cabinet and Countertop Pairing June 2021

Designer Pairing Pick: June 2021

“The Mermaid”Amy’s pairing selection for her June 2021 pairing is as coastal as they come.

This pairing for June includes Kraftmaid Harrington Maple in Lagoon Suede with Berenson hardware and a Vetrostone countertop in Oyster Bay.

If you are seeking a pairing that feels cool and calm for your coastal kitchen, this pairing is worth a look.

Note: This pairing is a part of a designer collection. For full product details from this pairing, check out Beaches The Collection.

Designer Amy Richardson Cabinet and Countertop Pairing June 2021

Planning The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen?

Designer Amy has created an easy cheat sheet to help educate you on what you need to know to select the best outdoor kitchen countertops. Plus, she’ll introduce you to one of her new favorite surfaces, Dekton.

Designer Pairing Pick: May 2021

“The Richardson” – Amy elected to pull a cabinet and countertop selection from January into her May 2021 pairing.

This two-tone cabinetry pairing for May includes Kraftmaid in Serenity with a simple hardware knob from Berenson that unifies the design.

If you are considering two-tone cabinets in your kitchen, this pairing in trending shades of green is a showstopper.

Note: This pairing debuted at the Coastal Home & Lifestyle Showcase in Oak Island and is now a part of the Showcase Collection. For full product details, check out the collection.

Designer Amy Richardson Cabinet and Countertop Pairing May 2021

Designer Pairing Pick: April 2021

“Blue Water Sand” – Amy has selected a stunning blue choice with her April 2021 pairing. She has paired Kraftmaid cabinets in Harbor with a contemporary quartz countertop. The countertop selection Everest is a bright white surface with large mineral deposits in shades of beige and grey.

This pairing can easily transport you to the beach with the blueness resembling deep blue water perfectly complimenting the white sand. It’s a very popular coastal selection for both kitchens and baths. If you are seeking a coastal style renovation, this is a pairing to consider.

Designer Amy Richardson Cabinet and Countertop Pairing April 2021

Designer Pairing Pick: March 2021

“Warmth and Elegance”

Amy brings a contrasting cabinetry pairing with warmth and elegance to her March pairing.

She has paired Kraftmaid’s Warm White with Kaffe while selecting Charleston-made Vetrostone’s Oyster Bay for the countertops.

This contrasting pairing will undoubtedly warm up a kitchen with an elegant space to cook and gather.

Designer Amy Richardson Cabinet and Countertop Pairing March 2021

Designer Pairing Pick: February 2021

“Beachy Calm” – Amy has selected a calm, coastal choice with her February 2021 pairing. She has paired Kraftmaid cabinets in Surfside with Silestone’s Pulsar quartz countertop. The brushed gold hardware selection chosen seamlessly brings together the look highlighting the dark gold flecks in the countertop.

A kitchen with this pairing feels soothing and is predicted to only grow in popularity this year, according to our area’s local designers. If you are seeking to renovate your kitchen with a coastal style, this is a pairing to consider.

Designer Amy Richardson’s Cabinet and Countertop Pairing for February 2021

Designer Pairing Pick: January 2021

“Coastal Green” – Amy is giving you the green light with her January 2021 pairing. She has paired Kraftmaid in Bonsai with White Taupe granite countertops.

This perfectly neutral pairing of sage green in the cabinetry with hints of grey and beige in the countertops feels fresh and modern for a coastal look. A kitchen with this pairing could include coastal wooden touches along with accents of white and cream in the furnishings to complete the look.

Designer Amy Richardson Cabinet and Countertop Pairing January 2021

Designer Pairing Pick: December 2020

“Understated Elegance “ – Amy has chosen the Waypoint cabinetry line for her December 2020 pairing. 

She has paired Waypoint 410F in Painted Silk with Silestone’s Lusso quartz countertops.

Gold, bronze and varying shades of gray veining provide dimension to the creamy countertop choice, and when the quartz countertop is paired with the versatile color of Painted Silk from Waypoint you get a clean and modern look that would make any kitchen feel tasteful and timeless.

Designer Amy Richardson Cabinet and Countertop Pairing December 2020

Designer Pairing Pick: November 2020

“Beautifully neutral “ – Amy has chosen the Waypoint cabinetry line for her November 2020 pairing. 

She has paired Waypoint in Painted Boulder with Silestone’s Urban Frost quartz countertops.

The gray and black swirls in Amy’s chosen countertop pairs beautifully with the dark grey cabinets. The light and dark contrast of this pairing creates a beautiful, neutral backdrop for any kitchen renovation.

Designer Amy Richardson Cabinet and Countertop Pairing November 2020

Designer Pairing Pick: October 2020

“Timeless “ – Amy has chosen the Fieldstone cabinetry line for her October 2020 pairing. 

She has paired Fieldstone’s Ridgeway Door Style in Rattan and opted to pair with a granite countertop in Sequoia Leathered. 

With off white, beige, and gray in the countertop, this timeless pairing strikes a beautiful contrast and creates a neutral foundation for your space. 

Amy Richardson Designer Pairing Pick October 2020

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