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Preferred Partner Program

Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops and Brunswick Tile and Flooring have partnered to offer a Real Estate Agent Preferred Partner Program for real estate agents across Brunswick County.

The Preferred Partner Program gives your clients access to exclusive promotions for cabinets, countertops, tile, and flooring.

Learn more about our preferred partnership for Real Estate Agents below, and why we’re different than the rest.

Design Showroom in Brunswick County

Conveniently located in Brunswick County, we are a one-stop spot. Quickly accessible to both North and South Brunswick areas and beaches, your clients no longer have to drive to Wilmington or Myrtle Beach to make selections. Both of our Design Showrooms are located at 674 Ocean Hwy W and the adjoining showrooms make product shopping the most convenient for your clients. 

Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops

Adding Value Before or After the Sale

Your connection to resources can really set you apart as an agent. We know the importance of having the right partner to call when your clients have a need.

Our Real Estate Agent Preferred Partner Program is designed to help your clients add value to their homes before or after the sale.

We also work with clients that own investment properties so we understand the art of modernizing properties – while keeping a close watch on the bottom line to ensure the property can turn a profit.

Custom Collaboration from BCAC and BTAF

A Safe Bet

Sending your client to us is always a safe bet. We are a consultative showroom. Your clients will not feel any hard pressure vibes from us and we’ll stay with you from start to finish. 

We strive to be Product and Design Specialists, available to answer product-related questions during a consultation but to also share as Designers just how you can solve a challenge and bring a new vision for a space to life in the most creative ways.

For Sellers Looking to Maximize The Selling Price

We love creating “eye candy” in a home and will make sure your property listing has the ability to stand out in those listing photos. Your ability to drive showing traffic is a surefire way to generate the best possible offer and we know just how to make that happen for you.

For Buyers Looking to Renovate

If you’ve purchased a home and are ready to make it your own, our team will consult with you to make sure the vision you are dreaming of fits your style and budget.

For The Investor Looking to be Net Positive

Buyers and renters know when shortcuts have been made and product quality isn’t there. When investment is the goal, our team looks to offer the client selections that offer durability and timeless style to pay off in both the short-term and long-term.

Custom Collaboration from BCAC and BTAF

What’s Hot and What’s Not in Brunswick County

Adding value to a home through renovations is most successful when you are able to create both functional improvements to the space and style.

To make sure the style-related decisions are always going to maximize your investment, we work with our Area’s Top Interior Designers to get the inside scoop on what Coastal Trends in Brunswick County they are seeing each year and share this expertise annually.

The Area’s Top Interior Designer’s expertise helps our clients understand what’s hot and what’s not in our local market!

Coastal Trends of Brunswick County 2023

Real Estate Agent Promotion Invitation

Increasing a property’s value is always a goal. The fixed asset is for many people the largest investment they make. We are always looking to hear from our experienced agents servicing clients in Brunswick County about what can really make a dollar value difference in a home. 

As an agent that does a lot of transaction volume, we would love to share your local market expertise with clients. The more guidance we can provide to our clients in advising them on what to do (or not do!) the better.

We invite our program’s Real Estate Agents to participate in our Kitchen and Bath Q&A. We also provide you with an individual spotlight to allow prospective new clients to gain a better understanding of your expertise in our area.

2021 Coastal Trends Brunswick County

Preferred Partner Program

Our Preferred Partner Program for Real Estate Agents qualifies your clients referred to us to receive preferred discount pricing that is likely better than they could receive walking into a retail showroom. We also offer 1-2 promotions a year exclusive to the Real Estate agents in our program so your clients can benefit from extra savings at certain times of the year. 

1:1 Showroom Consultations

Product Pairings and Selections

Design with 3D Renderings

Hassle-Free Product Delivery

Quality Installations and On-Site Oversight

Independent Punch Lists

Final Inspection for Satisfaction

Professional Cabinet Installation
Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops Expert Team

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