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Multi-purpose and Multi-functional: Renovating a Space to Support a Lifestyle in Supply NC

Waterway Views in Supply NC

Buying a second home in Brunswick County often means buying for location and staying open to the need for renovation in order to create a space that supports your lifestyle.

Our clients in Supply purchased their second home for the waterway views. Prior to purchase, they had decided that major renovations would be necessary to create their ideal space. 

Designer Cindy has vast experience working with home renovations and knows a thing or two about transforming spaces to support her clients’ lifestyles. Nine times out of ten she is forced to explore new options to overcome renovation challenges on behalf of her clients. And, this is exactly what she loves to do.

How to Enlarge the Kitchen

During her initial consultation on this project, she learned the home’s existing kitchen was too small. And, the laundry room was too big. With the laundry room sandwiched between the kitchen and garage, the client expressed a desire to enlarge the footprint of the kitchen by pursuing the possibility of tearing down the laundry room wall. 

Cindy instantly began brainstorming. She needed options she could design to accomplish her client’s goals in the kitchen with or without the wall. Her plans became more formalized upon hearing from the structural engineer that a significant portion of the wall could be removed to open up the two spaces. The news while positive did however immediately pose a new design challenge for her. The preferred design layout to increase the kitchen’s footprint would also eliminate the laundry room and a place for the washer and dryer. 

Creativity is Our Value

Creativity was needed to save the day and it was Cindy’s product knowledge and experience that came to the rescue. With the rise of multifunctional spaces in homes, Cindy has gained valuable experience with designing flexible spaces that can seamlessly shift their purpose. Cindy was able to offer a creative solution that her clients could get behind. Cindy suggested a pantry wall that would incorporate a center section for the washer and dryer (aka the laundry room). Cabinet manufacturer, Fieldstone, offers a pantry cabinet for just this scenario so it was the cabinet line she recommended to her client. 

Understanding the Fieldstone pantry cabinet could hide the laundry room within their new kitchen, the client was ready to proceed but Cindy knew one more area of the project would need to be evaluated. The budget.

Getting to the Budget

Having a partner that understands your budget and is able to keep you on target also takes experience. The addition of the pantry cabinet had increased the budget so additional creativity was needed from Cindy. She needed to come up with another creative solution to keep the budget in line. She suggested her clients consider going with two different cabinet manufacturers to reduce expenses with the majority of the cabinetry produced from Waypoint and the island and the center “laundry room” cabinet from Fieldstone. 

She was confident that great installation by our crew would ensure the blending of the two and would enable her clients to transform the kitchen into a multi-purpose and multi-functional space, retaining all the style they were hoping for, at the budget they had planned for.

Selections for Renovation

With this recommendation, her client was on board. Plans were in place and beautiful cabinetry options were then selected. Waypoint’s Painted Linen was chosen for the majority of the kitchen and Fieldstone’s Blueberry was chosen for the kitchen island and pantry cabinet housing the washer and dryer. Her client chose granite, a durable natural stone, in the color Thunder White for the kitchen’s countertop surfaces.

In the end, the kitchen renovation turned out better than we could have imagined. The client remained open-minded to creative solutions throughout the project and the result is a beautiful, renovated space to support their lifestyle.

Check out the kitchen renovation photos to see if you agree. We’ve also included the master bathroom renovation photos that were also a part of this fun project. 

Kitchen Remodel Before in Supply NC

Supply NC Kitchen Remodel Before

Kitchen Cabinet Selection: 

Waypoint Painted Linen

Kitchen Island / Center Section of Pantry Selection: 

Fieldstone Blueberry

Kitchen Countertops: 

Granite Thunder White

Supply Kitchen Remodel After

Supply NC Kitchen Remodel After

Kitchen and Master Bathroom Renovation in Supply NC

Dated Kitchen Before Remodel
Dated Kitchen in Supply NC
Dated Kitchen
Small Dated Kitchen
Existing Laundry Room Before Renovation
Kitchen Cabinets Installation
Pantry Wall Cabinetry
Kitchen Cabinets and Farmhouse Sink
Cabinet Installation in Kitchen
Thunder White Granite Countertops
Dated Master Bathroom
Master Bath Cabinets and Countertops

If you are ever looking for a partner that can help you come up with creative solutions for the space you’d like to transform, we’re here to help! We’ll help you marry style with function and create the space that supports your lifestyle!

Kitchen and Bath Renovations

Storm Damage Kitchen and Bath Renovations Prove Successful in Supply NC

Storm Damage in Supply NC

Storm damage is something anyone living or owning property in a coastal area fears. The unpredictableness of Mother Nature often forces you to invest the time in repairing, replacing or fully renovating areas of your home that otherwise could have lasted for a decade or more. Everyone that lives in Brunswick County knows it’s a possibility and, this possibility became a reality for a couple in Supply NC after a storm damaged their home. They came to us with the necessary task of rebuilding and were seeking a classic beachy vibe for a kitchen and bath renovation. They were also looking for a communicative cabinet and countertop partner that could help manage their project closely as they were not living in the area full-time.

Seeking a Beachy Family Gathering Place

Designer Cindy and our team rose to the challenge to help bring the clients’ vision of a beachy place for family gathering to life. The clients also expressed a desire for the focal point to be the kitchen island. The island was not only the first thing you saw when you walked into the home but also the area where their family congregated most so it was important to make sure it was a “wow” moment. 

Hand-Pick A Countertop Slab For Project Success

To ensure the clients had a “wow” moment, Cindy encouraged the clients to hand-pick their actual countertop slab at our supplier, Francini’s warehouse when they came in town. Since the countertop surface selection for the island would be a central point for the home and with the clients being remote for most of the project, Cindy also wanted to ensure there were not any surprises late in the process that could be avoided if the actual slab to be installed was picked in advance.

It’s moments like this that Cindy raises the bar for her clients. She has been witness to the unhappiness from many big-box customers when they realize they cannot handpick their slabs and the actual slab to be installed in their home varies significantly from the sample they first viewed and purchased. Cindy’s years of experience working for big-box retailers has shown her how important the actual slab selection is to the overall success of a project.

On this particular project, the hand-picking experience actually resulted in the clients from Supply choosing a completely new countertop selection. Their final beachy selection was a slab of Granite Thunder White with a leathered finish instead of a slab of Granite Blanca Azul. 

Beachy Cabinetry Selections

The homeowners’ beachy selections included their cabinetry selections as well. Cindy recommended Kabinart’s Wakefield line for its offering of neutral tones and the client chose QuickSilver for the kitchen. To keep things bright and luxurious in the bathroom, Kitchen Cabinet Distributors Brooklyn White cabinetry was chosen to be paired with cultured marble for the bathroom countertops.

The kitchen and bath renovation turned out better than we could have imagined and although the circumstances for the renovation were not ideal we are confident the end result echos the beachy goal the clients were after. Check out all of the kitchen and bath renovation photos to see if you agree.

Supply NC Kitchen Remodel Installation

Supply NC Kitchen Remodel Installation

Kitchen Cabinet Selection: 

Kabinart Wakefield QuickSilver

Kitchen Countertops: 

Granite Thunder White

Bath Renovation in Supply NC

Supply NC Bath Remodel Installation

Bath Cabinet Selection: 

Kitchen Cabinet Distributors Brooklyn White

Bath Countertops: 

Cultured Marble

Photos of the Kitchen and Bath Cabinet and Countertop Renovation in Supply NC

Kitchen Remodel in Supply NC
Kitchen Island in Supply NC
Kitchen Granite Thunder White Countertops
Kitchen Island Cabinets by Kabinart
Beachy Kitchen Remodel in Supply NC
Cultured Marble Bath Countertops
Bright White Bath Cabinets and Countertops
Cultured Marble Countertops

Kitchen Renovations

Find A Designer That Gets You

Finding a designer that gets you sometimes means tracking them down every once in a while.

Where’s Cindy?

Supply homeowners knew when they made the decision to renovate their third kitchen right where they’d go…back to see Designer Cindy. 

Except it had been over three years since their last renovation and Cindy was no longer at her previous place of business. So, they asked around the big-box retailer where they had first met until someone shared her new location.

Why Designer Cindy?

The homeowners are always just a little ahead of the trends or completely outside of the box. As our Lead Designer, Cindy really enjoys it when homeowners are seeking to go in a less traditional route!

Kitchen Renovation Number 3

So, it was a happy surprise when the homeowners walked into Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops for the very first time. They had purchased a new home and had a vision for what they wanted this kitchen to be. Check out the beautiful kitchen Cindy designed for this Supply homeowner using Kraftmaid cabinetry and Silestone Calcatta Gold countertops.

Supply Kitchen Renovation

First Kitchen

Supply Kitchen Renovation

Second Kitchen

Supply Kitchen Renovation

Third Kitchen

Photos of the Latest Kitchen Renovation in Supply NC

Double Trash Inserts in Kitchen
Kitchen Island Silestone Calcatta Gold
Kitchen Island Silestone Calcatta Gold

Kitchen Renovations

Selling A Kitchen To Build A Kitchen

Designer Amy had the immense pleasure of helping Sonja Todd, a true giver to our local Supply community, build herself the perfect home kitchen after selling her commercial kitchen and business Sonja’s Grill.

As Natural As They Come

Sonja Todd is one of those people that let her actions speak loudly for her success. She successfully navigated being a single mom while starting a business that serviced the local community for over 30 years. When it came time to sell the business, she knew a brand new home kitchen would be in her future. 

With the help of Designer Amy, Sonja chose Kraftmaid cabinetry in Natural Maple and paired it with Ornamental Lite granite countertops for a kitchen that feels nothing but cozy.

Wishes for A Well-Loved Kitchen

After working with Sonja on this project, we can only hope the memories she makes in her new kitchen give her the same good feelings she gave to so many others over the year and it’s a well-loved kitchen!

Supply Kitchen Renovation

Supply NC Kitchen Remodel Installation

Kitchen Cabinet Selection: 

Kraftmaid Natural Maple

Bath Countertops: 

Ornamental Lite Granite

Photos of the Kitchen Renovation in Supply NC

Sonja's Grill Sonja Todd Kitchen

If you are ever looking for a partner that can help you renovate your kitchen and bath, we’re here to help! We’ll make sure to help you select the perfect cabinets and countertops and be more than willing to help manage the installation process for you whether you are in or out of town.