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Request a free countertop quote to find out how your preferred surface type and the square footage of your space will impact the cost of new countertops for you.

What Goes Into A Countertop Quote?

Countertop costs vary a great deal. Why? Because so much of the cost depends on the client’s preferences and the project details.

At Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops, our project quotes for new countertops are based on these 3 factors:

  • Material Selection
  • Project Scope
  • Installation

Material Selection

We offer a range of countertop inventory from quartz and solid surface to granite, marble, and quartzite. Our Countertop Costing Breakdown provides an estimated breakdown of countertop costing per square foot for the surface types we offer.

You will notice from the chart that costing varies amongst surface type but will also vary depending on the color and texture you select. Our team will be happy to discuss Countertop Pros and Cons as well as the impact choices have on cost and provide you with options that meet your budgetary needs.

Project Scope

The square footage of your space will determine how much of a countertop surface is needed. Our team will professionally measure your space to ensure the right amount of product is ordered.


Installation pricing is dependent on the surface type chosen and the size of your space. Installation costs will be included in our project quote and we will be transparent with you as to the cost involved.

How We Can Help?

At Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops, our free countertop project quote includes:

  • A Consultation (In-Store, On-Site, Via Phone or Email)
  • Design Services 
  • Measurements

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To provide a free countertop quote for your project, we’ll want to understand your style preferences and the size of your space. To do so, we recommend a consultation. To accommodate our prospective customers, we offer both In-Store and On-Site Consultations. If you do not wish to have an in-person consultation or are unable to, simply select “Request A Quote for Project” on our contact form and we will be happy to discuss your project via email or over the phone.

At the conclusion of the consultation, our team will work up a no-obligation quote for the cost of new countertops.

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