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Kitchen Expansion Through Design

Our BSL customer was looking to expand the kitchen in their newly purchased home with a better design. 

Storage, Visibility, and A Central Point

Designer Cindy was tasked with re-designing the small kitchen in such a way that the space felt expanded.  The raised countertop behind the sink was lowered to allow for a more open feel connecting the kitchen and living space. Cindy increased the cabinetry and added pull-out trays to give the homeowners additional storage.

The new layout improved its overall functionality in such a way that the stove could become the hub of the kitchen at the homeowners’ request.

Two-Tone Cabinetry 

When it came to style, Designer Cindy and the homeowners chose a two-tone, cabinetry look to further expand the space. Two-tone cabinets will create the illusion of space, especially when lighter cabinets are installed as the uppers.  For this kitchen, Kraftmaid Vantage cabinetry was selected in Moonshine for the uppers and Harbour for the lowers. The space was kept light and bright with Absolute Nova countertops.

Each of these design decisions were very simple but effective ways to enhance a small kitchen making it look much bigger than it really is. If you are considering a kitchen renovation and have a smaller kitchen, let a designer help you plan for the space you desire! 


Supply Kitchen Renovation for Expansion
Supply Kitchen by Cindy Bennett-McCune
Supply Kitchen for Expansion
Supply Kitchen by Designer Cindy
Double Trash Inserts in Kitchen
Double Trash Inserts in Kitchen

Kitchen Design

Making A Kitchen More Functional

It’s so fun for a designer when clients come in requesting a home upgrade but through a consultation decide to explore a broader space transformation. Designer Amy’s Boiling Springs Lake client was just this type of client.

Amy’s BSL client was looking to replace her kitchen countertops but through consultation expressed the actual kitchen layout didn’t work well for her. Specifically, she was very unhappy with the number of drawers and storage space her kitchen offered.

The Art of Listening

Amy’s specialty is listening to clients’ wants and needs. This art of listening helps her translate the wants and needs into building the best vision for what a homeowner’s space has the potential to be. With the opportunity to improve her client’s kitchen’s functionality, Amy designed a new kitchen for her client. 

The new layout proposed expanded the kitchen’s storage and improved its functionality in such a way that it became obvious a full kitchen renovation was in her future. But, this isn’t always the case.

Here at Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops, our Design Team knows the hardest thing to hear a past client say is they wish they spent money in a certain area to get exactly what they wanted. With this understanding, Designer Amy and the rest of the Design Team make it their job to provide each client with all the information they need to decide exactly how they should proceed.

Full Renovation for Space

In this particular project, Amy’s client chose to proceed with the full renovation and chose a granite countertop in Luna Pearl to pair with Waypoint 410 cabinetry in Stone Light Grey. The design included a big drawer base and a blind lazy susan offering a new space for the client’s large set of pots and pans. This added space made the kitchen more functional and her client very happy. 

Kitchen Remodel in BSL for More Space
Kitchen Remodel in Boiling Spring Lakes
Boiling Springs Lakes Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops Remodel
Boiling Springs Lakes Granite Countertops in Luna Pearl
Cabinets and Countertops in Boiling Springs Lakes
Granite Luna Pearl Countertops in Boiling Springs Lake Kitchen Remodel

If you are looking for a design partner that can maximize your kitchen’s function, give Amy a shout. She’d love the opportunity to have a consultation with you to help you decide what type of kitchen layout can bring out the most function for you. 

Kitchen Design

Beyond The Color in BSL

Boiling Spring Lakes’ area homeowner and local owner of Manning’s Pest Control sought out Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops for our kitchen design expertise.

Reface or Buy New Cabinets?

Originally planning to reface their kitchen cabinets after laminate began peeling off the face of the cabinets, the Boiling Spring Lakes homeowners decided to request a free kitchen design from us first to see if incremental value could be created in their kitchen with new cabinets instead.

With the understanding that Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops does not provide refacing services, we were happy to provide the homeowners a free kitchen design to help them make an informed decision on whether the investment in new cabinets or refacing was the best route for their kitchen.

Let Good Kitchen Design Maximize Its Function

To maximize the kitchen’s function, Designer Amy Richardson placed her design’s focus on increasing storage and convenience. One of the first areas she recommended for storage was to eliminate a sink base cabinet box. In its place, she recommended to design for a sink front which would allow access to the entire corner instead of limiting storage to the inside of a small box. Amy’s favorite storage solution, the pull out trash bin, was also included by the dishwasher to increase convenience. An under-cabinet system to improve the organization of large pots and pans was recommended as well as a lazy susan for the existing blind corner.

Individually, each of the proposed solutions offered the homeowner added storage but the combination of the recommendations in Amy’s kitchen design convinced the homeowners how the new design would improve the kitchen’s flow, increase its efficiency and most importantly everyone’s enjoyment in the space.

New Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Selections

Happy with the recommendations, a decision was made to proceed with buying new cabinets! And, with a clear vision for the look and feel they were seeking, the homeowners’ cabinet and countertop selections were quickly made.

Cabinet Brand Selection: Waypoint

Cabinet Wood Species: Maple 

Cabinet Finish/Custom Paint Color: Painted Hazelnut Glaze

Countertops: Granite Giallo Ornamental

An Artistic Statement and Project First

The homeowners made the commitment to proceed permanent with an artistic statement on the cabinets. Check out the Before pictures to see if you can spot the smiley face drawing they drew on their old cabinets! This was a fun and hilarious first for us so I guess if we needed an enthusiastic sign our homeowners were ready to kick off the project, we certainly got it!

This renovated kitchen’s pairings provided the homeowners with a warmth and richness to their space. Their sandy pairing of Waypoint’s maple cabinets in Painted Hazelnut Glaze along with Giallo Ornamental granite countertops was also a departure from the popular white and gray so commonly chosen by clients in the area so we were thrilled to be a part of this one.

BSL Kitchen Design Before
Before Remodel in Boiling Spring Lakes
Boiling Spring Lakes Home Kitchen Remodel
Kitchen Design Boiling Spring Lakes NC
Kitchen Remodel in BSL
Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops in BSL
Boiling Spring Lakes NC Kitchen Design

If you are ever looking for a partner that can help you come up with a design that will maximize your kitchen’s function, Designer Amy is here to help! She’ll help you marry your chosen style with the ultimate function for a space that supports your lifestyle!