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Discover how Interior Designer Rochelle Grass of Dwelling Place Interiors helps homeowners create charm in their homes and whether a Southern-Inspired Design Style is right for you.

Interior Designer servicing Brunswick County

Dwelling Place Interiors

Dwelling Place Interiors delivers southern charm to clientele along the coast of North Carolina. The Leland-based full-service interior design firm creates one-of-a-kind designs, each uniquely differentiated from the next, for every client.

Led by Interior Designer Rochelle Grass, the firm specializes in interior design services for homeowners seeking a design partner with authentic southern style for new construction and whole-home renovations. 

Dwelling Place Interiors Ocean Isle Beach Project
Ocean Isle Beach Living Room Dwelling Place Interiors

Coastal Trends of Brunswick County

The Dwelling Place Interiors’ Trend Forecast for 2023

Rochelle gave us her inside scoop on the trends she is seeing in 2023. Here’s an excerpt from our Coastal Trends piece.

What are the top coastal trends for interior design in 2023?

A continuance of pops of color in an otherwise neutral shell. Adding warm elements such as natural wood finishes in beams, floors, and furnishings. Wood trim painted in rich colors. Updated wallpapers in traditional prints with fresh colorways.

2022 Coastal Trends Forecast Interior Designer Rochelle Grass

To learn more about what Rochelle is forecasting for 2023, check out the Coastal Trends of Brunswick County 2023

The Global Wanderlust Collection

Designed to Inspire

Dwelling Place Interiors’ Rochelle Grass has brought us a new collection that will transport you to the far-flung corners of the world. This collection will take you on an enchanting journey through design.

  • La Mancha Spain
  • Pont Alexandre III Bridge | Paris, France
  • Higashiyama District | Kyoto, Japan
  • Italian Garden | Umbria, Italy
  • Blue Lagoon Island | Nassau, Bahamas

Explore this collection and allow the images to inspire you with your own living spaces.

The Global Wanderlust Collection

The Southern Style Collection v2

Designed to Charm

We invited Dwelling Place Interiors’ Rochelle Grass back to bring us a new collection of Southern Style curations. In this collection, she has demonstrated her depth and range as an Interior Designer in Brunswick County.

The Southern Style Collection v2 features a southernly coastal design for a beach getaway in Ocean Isle Beach and 5 new Design Maps.

  • Ocean Blue in OIB
  • Cool and Coastal
  • The Metropolitan
  • The Edinborough
  • The Alexis Bath
  • The Englishman

We invite you to gather inspiration from this collection for your own project.  

Southern Style Collection v2  by Rochelle Grass

The Southern Style Collection v1

A Dwelling Place Interiors’ Designer Curation

We invited Dwelling Place Interiors’ Rochelle Grass to partner with us to bring a collection of Southern Style curations to our showroom.  

The Southern Style Collection is a reflection of classic, southern style. 

5 Southern-Inspired Curations

This exclusive collection features 5 Southern-Inspired curations:

  • The Bradbury Kitchen
  • The Herrington Bath
  • The Shelton Bath
  • Neutral Oasis
  • Caribbean Coastal

For each collection, Rochelle created a Design Map as a way to share a collection of items and ideas that would represent a finished space for a homeowner. View the collection to see if Southern Style is right for you.

Southern Style Collection by Rochelle Grass

Looking for a Southern-Inspired Interior Designer?

Dwelling Place Interiors’ would love the opportunity to bring charm to your home. If you are considering hiring an Interior Designer and found the Southern Style Collection to be the style you are looking for, let us know. As with hiring any contractor, we encourage all homeowners to independently research local vendors. We’d be happy to put you in contact with Dwelling Place Interiors directly or if you’d like to see more from Rochelle and aren’t familiar with her work, visit her online.
Brunswick County Interior Designer Rochelle Grass

Want us to put you in touch with Rochelle?

If you’d like to get in touch with Rochelle, let us know. We’re happy to make a personal introduction.