Owner Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson

In this Owner Q&A session, we dive into the fascinating world of Ryan Johnson, a Mechanical Engineer turned remodeling connoisseur with a passion for creating dream kitchens and baths. Discover what he thinks about the Brunswick County community and what’s next for the showroom!


The person

Ryan is a Mechanical Engineer originally from New Jersey with over two decades in Virginia where he settled with his wonderful family. Ryan is married to his wife, Melissa, for 20 years, and together, they are proud parents to three amazing children: twin daughters, Hannah and Sarah, and a son, Caleb.

As a person, Ryan’s interests are many and quite varied.  These include cooking, traveling, outdoor living, and working with his church youth.

The professional

For 23 years, Ryan has been deeply involved in the construction and remodeling industry, primarily focusing on commercial and industrial projects. Then, about 16 years ago, he began exploring residential remodeling, initially assisting his father-in-law, who was a contractor. Over time, he found himself remodeling his own homes, which ignited a passion for creating dream kitchens and baths!

His love of cooking and entertaining directly impacts his day-to-day with the showroom.  Open kitchen space and functional design are critical for entertaining and cooking for large crowds. Additionally, outdoor gathering spaces are quickly growing in popularity.  Because of this, Ryan and the team have begun exploring outdoor stone and tile offerings to add to our collection.

The Brunswick County resident

Ryan is actively engaged in the community in Brunswick County. He participates in local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Home Builders Association. Ryan also takes an active role in supporting local events, showcasing his dedication to matters that hold significance for the community. Ryan, while selective, also enjoys forming partnerships with other businesses. He collaborates with like-minded local companies that share his values of excellent service and high standards. Through these efforts, Ryan contributes to the growth and welfare of the community, making a positive difference in Brunswick County.

Ryan Johnson Owner

Favorite Paint Color

“Benjamin Moore Jamestown Blue”

Favorite Room in the home.

“Duh, the kitchen.  It is the heart of my home whether I’m cooking with my kids or entertaining 20 people, that’s where you’ll find me more often than not.”

Every kitchen needs _.

“Plenty of thoughtful and accessible storage.”

What is your best piece of advice for someone who is tackling a kitchen remodel?

“Find the right company partner that listens to your needs, wants, and concerns.  If they try to rush the process by not listening, there’s a good chance you won’t get the kitchen you truly want and deserve.”

Local Brunswick Community + What’s Next

Brunswick County’s Growth

Brunswick County was the ideal location for Ryan due to the community’s potential for growth. As the area continues to develop, the showroom aims to grow with it while maintaining our commitment to service and quality.


Coastal Style + Area Considerations

When it comes to coastal style, white cabinetry will always remain popular here at the beach. Yet, today many homeowners are opting for bolder hues and greens. Rich wood warm tones are coming back as well. Other popular design trends include full-width cabinet drawer bases, Champagne gold fixtures and hardware, and multi-color cabinet designs.

The biggest design consideration we focus on for Brunswick County is making sure the materials we choose are appropriate for the high moisture/humidity conditions present in this area.  This makes flooring and cabinet material choice a critical component of our designs.

What’s Next?

Because our showroom sits on 2.5 acres, Ryan is really excited to expand the showroom and /or build a new showroom with a warehouse.  This will allow the team to grow with Brunswick County and continue to offer a superb project experience.


The Brunswick Showroom