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At Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops, we offer high-quality cabinet and countertops products that will stand the test of time. Find your style by browsing our curated collections of cabinet and countertop pairings.

Cabinet and Countertop Collections

Curated collections of product

Our designers at Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops offer curated collections to help locals begin their cabinet and countertop search.

Each curated collection represents cabinet and countertop pairings that have the potential to create an oasis in your kitchen and completely transform your space. We hope our collections give you the inspiration you need to help bring your project’s vision to life.

Explore our collections below to see a sampling of the products available from us.

Fieldstone Vienna Glaze Dove Cabinetry and Dekton Makai Wild

American Made

Our American Made Lookbook features 10 Designer Pairings from Schrock and Cambria. Both companies pride themselves on being design forward and All-American.

Gather inspiration for your next project with this lookbook!

Custom Collabs

Our Custom Collab collection spotlights the partnership we have with our sister company, Brunswick Tile and Flooring.

The designer pairings shown in this lookbook are samples of custom collaborations we’ve created for homeowners with cabinets, countertops, tile and flooring.

Take a peek at the Custom Collabs to see 34 designer-inspired pairings.

Beaches The Collection

Each beach in Brunswick County has a charm all its own.

For Beaches The Collection our Designers have chosen to spotlight how designing a space you love should be as unique as our beaches, and you.

Explore Beaches The Collection to see 9 uniquely different pairings. 

Coastal Home & Lifestyle Showcase Collection

Explore our Coastal Home & Lifestyle Showcase Collection.

For this Collection of 12 Designer Pairings, we partnered with our sister company, Brunswick Tile and Flooring to debut the collection at the Southport-Oak Island Area Chamber of Commerce‘s showcase held in Oak Island.


The Islands Collection

Explore our collection, The Islands Collection, inspired by the beauty of our very own Brunswick County.

The Islands Collection includes:

  • The Brunswick – Rustic yet refined.
  • The Caswell – Serene and simplified.
  • The Holden – Wonderfully relaxed vibes.
  • The Southport – Breezy charm and elegance.
  • The Bald Head – A timeless, classic look.

The Anniversary Collection

Explore our collection, The Anniversary Collection, which spotlights the cabinet and countertop selections some of our first-year customers feel in love with.

The Anniversary Collection includes:

  • The Carter – Subtlety at its finest. Clean and timeless.
  • The Cook – Refreshing and classic with a pop of blueberry blue.
  • The Hickman – Aged and inviting, striking the balance for nostalgic allure.
  • The Farag – Simplified chic for one-of-a-kind coastal vibes.
  • The Menegus – Salt and pepper neutrals for a coastal, casual style.
  • The Pittmon – Warm and natural neutrals to evoke an island-time serenity.

The Brunswick Artists’ Collection

Explore our collection, The Brunswick Artists’ Collection, which spotlights the artistry from the winners of the Beachy Draw-A-Thon.

Our designers, Chris Gibson and Cindy Bennett-McCune took the spark of each artist’s painting as their source for inspiration in selecting the pairings for this collection. 

The Brunswick Artists’ Collection by Chris includes:

  • Happy Hour 1 – Soft sandy shades to lighten up the room.
  • A Good Read 1 – Bright and cheerful, a perfect “good morning” mood.
  • Catch of the Day 1 – Dramatic and strong, like the sea.
  • Southport Swings 1 – Earthy and untouched, with natural veining and wood graining.
  • The Marsh 1 – Contrasting light and dark tones, like the sun against the water.

The Brunswick Artists’ Collection by Cindy includes:

  • Happy Hour 2 – Purity and pure bliss with creamy white and speckled gray.
  • A Good Read 2 – Relaxed and calm, a perfect pairing for your beachy cottage.
  • Catch of the Day 2 – A coastal mood with casual appeal.
  • Southport Swings 2 – Sophisticated and natural for timeless appeal.
  • The Marsh 2 – Inspired by the marsh, the rich shades create intriguing depth.

Hardware Collections

Get inspiration by exploring the current styles, colors, and materials from our Decorative Hardware Collections from Berenson and Richelieu. 

The Hardware Collections offer styles ranging from modern to traditional. Discover how a simple hardware update to your kitchen cabinets can transform your space.


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Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops provides the Brunswick County community a local option for cabinets and countertops. The cabinets and countertops we provide (for projects of all sizes) are sourced from quality manufacturers that stand behind the product.


At Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops, we want you to be informed when considering cabinets. We offer a range of cabinet design styles to suit a range of tastes and budgets. Our goal is to help you make the best decision for your space, your style, your lifestyle, and your budget.

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If you are thinking about new countertops, we offer a handy guide of The Pros and Cons for Countertop Surfaces to help make your selection process a little easier. Once you’ve decided on the type of countertop surface you are interested in, we will be happy to work with you to locate the slab in the right hue and color for your space.

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