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Preferred Partner Program

We understand getting on your preferred partner list means providing value above and beyond for you and your clientele.

Our Interior Designer Preferred Partner Program is designed to help you grow your business with products and a higher level of service that allow you to focus your energy on bringing your artistry to life.

Learn more about our partner program for interior designers below, and why it’s different than the rest.

Problem-Solving Alongside You

Your design must function. And, your artistry often takes layers of problem-solving. Locating and sourcing the right products and materials to solve your challenges in order to meet your project’s specifications is how we can help you.

  • Material Alternatives due to Budget
  • Solutions for Functional Challenges (such as sound abatement flooring for second-floor spaces)
  • Custom color selections for cabinetry in any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color
  • Alterations available for cabinetry to suit design (1-inch alterations in width and height)
  • One-of-a-kind cabinet design (We can turn your Chief Architect or pencil sketch design into a statement piece. Accent table, buffet with pocket doors…the options are endless.)
Client Countertop Selection in Supply NC Showroom

Coastal Trends of Brunswick County

Staying up to date on the latest trends is important to us. We launched Coastal Trends of Brunswick County, a trends piece, that introduces the community to local coastal interior designers in the area that in turn share the latest trends they are seeing or anticipate seeing in Brunswick County.

As a Designer in our Partner Program, you would receive the invitation yearly to include your latest work and share your inside scoop on just what you are seeing and anticipate seeing for the upcoming year. Check out our latest issue of the Coastal Trends of Brunswick County to see the type of promotion you could receive!

Coastal Trends of Brunswick County 2023

Interior Designer Pairing Promotion Invitation

Pairings are one of the primary requests we get from customers so your design input is a great way to promote and highlight your style and business in our showroom. 

We invite our program’s Interior Designers to handpick Designer Pairings of cabinetry, countertops, tile, and flooring from our selection of products for in-store and online promotion by us. Designer Pairings provide you an individual spotlight to prospective new clients giving them greater visibility into your style.

Promotion for handpicked pairing(s) will continue to evolve but currently includes:

  • Name the pairing (or pairing collection) after the Designer for promotion
  • Designer Pairing displays are positioned separately throughout the showroom along with the Designer’s brand and contact information 
  • A rotating main display at our showroom’s entrance that features (but rotates) the pairings from participating Designers throughout the year
  • Photography and video of the selected pairings for rotation online and on the showroom TVs 
  • Individual pairing promotion online throughout the rest of this year
2021 Coastal Trends Brunswick County
2021 Coastal Trends Brunswick County

Your Style, Your Designer Sampling Kit

As Partners, we aim to support your efforts to grow your business. We invite the Designers working with us to create their own Designer Sampling Kits for prospective client consultations. 

Browse our product samples from cabinets, countertops, tile, and flooring and make your selections. Take your Designer Sampling Kit of the product samples you need to begin an initial consultation. Return them upon completion and, as a program member, stop by to swap out samples for another look or different client at any time.

Professional Cabinet Installation

Our Showroom Can Be Your Showroom

As a Designer in our Partner Program, our showroom can be your showroom. With a dedicated space to consult with clients, we provide first-come, first-serve showroom bookings to all Designers in our program. 

For each showroom booking, you may request the level of involvement you’d like from us. This can range from 1:1 support to advance sample pulls or nothing at all. Our goal is to be at your service as a Product Specialist (available to answer product-related questions during a consultation) but to also not interfere with your consultation or interject unless you specifically ask. 

Bookings are available every Wednesday from 12-2 p.m. with a 48-hour notice required to ensure we can accommodate any advance sample pull requests.

Professional Cabinet Installation

Preferred Partner Program

Our Preferred Partner Program for Interior Designers qualifies you to receive preferred discount pricing that is likely better than you are receiving now. In addition, you will receive the following services for each project that we do for you.

Showroom Consultations

Product Pairings and Selections

Design with 3D Renderings

Hassle-Free Product Delivery

Quality Installations and On-Site Oversight

Independent Punch Lists

Final Inspection for Satisfaction

Designer Pairing by Rochelle Grass of Dwelling Place Interiors

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Would you like to chat more about our Preferred Partner Program? We’d love to learn more about your business and give you the opportunity to get to know us. 

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