December 2022 Designer Pairing Picky by Cindy Bennett McCune

Coastal Trends of Brunswick County

Coastal style and home design trends change and we seek to stay ahead of the curve. With the help of our Area’s Top Interior Designers, Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops launches an annual trends publication to highlight what our Interior Designers predict we’ll be seeing in homes each year.

2023 Coastal Trends

Interior Designers are ready to help you make a statement in 2023. Wallpaper, textures, personality-filled spaces. Whether you are ready to break all the rules or seeking a place for contentment. It’s your year to express yourself!

Find out what our Interior Designers predict and explore all the trends for 2023!

2022 Coastal Trends

Unconventional silhouettes rose in popularity during 2022, Interior Designers also predicted many elements found naturally outside were coming in.

Explore the trends forecasted back in 2022!

2021 Coastal Trends

Emerging from the pandemic, 2021 brought sustainability to the forefront and all the Interior Designers seemed to agree the use of natural materials was on the rise.

Take a look back and see what else was trending in 2021.