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Kitchen Cabinets

Find out why kitchen cabinet selection is so important and what you need to know prior to buying kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen transformations

A kitchen’s first impression is everything.

Cabinetry in a kitchen is like paint color on a house. It’s one of the first things you notice when you walk in.

A kitchen that feels dark, cramped or cluttered are triggers for why many individuals choose to start a kitchen remodel. They also represent reasons why it is critical that you select the right cabinets for your space. 

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Step one: What’s Important?

Questions to ask yourself before selecting kitchen cabinets

Understanding what’s important to you when deciding on kitchen cabinets is step one. Document your answers and create a “Must Have” versus “Nice to Have” list.

  • Rank the importance of aesthetics or durability.
  • How long do you plan to stay in the home?
  • What is your style?
  • Does your kitchen have heavy day-in, day-out use?

Most importantly, think about the ways you currently use your kitchen.

For example, a kitchen designed for catering will have many different needs for cabinetry than a small space kitchen for one. 

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By using a “Must Have” versus “Nice to Have” list, you will ensure the selection process stays streamlined and avoid getting overwhelmed or going over-budget. 

Step Two: Workflow and a “Wow”

Questions to ask yourself before creating a kitchen cabinet design

Kitchen Cabinet Design Layout in Supply NC

Understanding how to create a cabinet design plan that has a great workflow and has the “wow” factor is step two. Think about your kitchen’s workflow. 

  • What is the size of your space? How much room do you have to work with?
  • Do you have a unique kitchen collection that should be accounted for when planning? For example, 4-5 crockpots.
  • Is the organization of your kitchen critical to you? Does everything need a place to be in “its” place?
  • Are storage solutions (spice drawer, pantry pull-outs, roll-out trays) important features to keep your kitchen organized?
  • Do you need to maximize the space in your kitchen, adding more room to the room?

An expert kitchen designer is recommended for step two. An expert can anticipate challenges within a space and offer solutions to any dilemma you have to solve. 

What’s Your Dream Kitchen’s Ideal Look?

Are you struggling to nail down your ideal look? Do you need some inspiration? We have some helpful suggestions below.

First, you can check out our digital curated collections for cabinetry and countertop design inspiration.

Additionally, Waypoint Living Spaces (a cabinet manufacturer we work with) offers a great “What’s Your Style” quiz for help in discovering your own personal style preferences.

Or, follow us on Pinterest and Facebook! Here you can gather inspiration for your upcoming kitchen project while we keep you informed on what’s available and trending in the market for kitchen cabinetry.

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