Unmatched Expertise: Why Our Showroom Should Be Your Choice for Kitchen and Bath Renovation

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Home renovations can be stressful times for anyone but one of the most universal comments from homeowners undertaking a renovation is the choices needed to be made can be overwhelming.

At our showroom, we believe in offering design assistance to help homeowners make the right selections from a range of cabinet styles and countertop materials.

But, the assistance that truly sets us apart is a secret we don’t mind sharing.

Our secret? The unmatched expertise of our design professionals, Amy and Cindy, who collectively bring 56 years of experience to the table!

Seasoned Experts In Kitchen Design

In a market flooded with choices, experience cannot be overstated. At our showroom, we take pride in the fact that our design professionals are not just employees but seasoned experts in their field.

Designer Amy, with an impressive 23 years under her belt, and Cindy, boasting an impressive 33 years of experience, have collectively transformed over 2,900 kitchens. That’s an average of one kitchen a week for Amy and a conservative estimate of 1,716 projects for Cindy. This wealth of experience translates into an unmatched understanding of design trends, functional layouts, and the ability to navigate challenges with ease.

Why Experience Matters

Kicking off a kitchen or bath renovation is a significant investment, and the last thing you want is to be a guinea pig for an inexperienced designer. Amy and Cindy’s extensive careers mean they have encountered and successfully tackled a wide array of design challenges. Their knowledge goes beyond design and style; they understand the intricacies of functionality, material durability, and the importance of staying within budget and timelines.

A Staggering Number of Projects Completed

Our commitment to excellence is not just a promise; it’s a track record. With an average of 1,196 completed projects for Amy and 1,716 for Cindy, our showroom stands as a testament to the successful transformation of countless kitchens and bathrooms. When you choose us, you’re not just selecting products; you’re investing in the expertise that guarantees your project’s success.

Why Choose Us

  • Personalized Approach 
    • With Amy and Cindy your primary point of contact, you’ll receive a personalized approach tailored to your unique needs and preferences.
  • Quick and On-Time 
    • Our experience ensures that your project will be executed with efficiency, meeting deadlines without compromising quality.
  • Proven Track Record 
    • The numbers speak for themselves. Our showroom’s success is rooted in the proven track record of Amy and Cindy’s project completion excellence.
  • Staying Ahead with Coastal Trends
    • Stay ahead of the curve with designers who not only understand current Coastal Trends but have actively contributed to shaping them over their decades-long careers.

When it comes to kitchen and bath renovation, experience matters. At our showroom, the difference lies in the collective expertise of Amy and Cindy, whose 56 years of design expertise make us the unrivaled choice for your home transformation.

Choose us for an experience that goes beyond the ordinary – choose us for design excellence.

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