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Designer Chris Gibson

Get to know more about Designer Chris Gibson, his passion for kitchens and, his love for Brunswick County.

Q&A with CHRIS GIBSON – Owner / Designer

The person

Chris loves bringing people together and believes in the Golden Rule. If you get to know him, you’ll soon recognize he is a family man, community steward, and good neighbor. It’s these characteristics that have molded him for his role as a small business owner and kitchen designer here at Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops. It’s also why you’ll find, he always strives to do right by you.

The professional

A home improvement professional with hundreds of successful projects under his belt. Chris’ motivation to work hard for his customers is fueled by his sincere desire to bring the end product to life. He views design as a form of art and genuinely loves to see it all come together. Kitchens are a love but you’ll get his full attention for any space you desire to bring to life.

The Brunswick County resident

As a resident and lover of laid-back living, Chris will reply when asked if he could live anywhere that he’d live “right where I’m at.” With free time, you might spot him driving over the bridge at Holden Beach to look at the ocean. If he is looking to shop, he’ll stop by Memory Cottage, Coastal Cottage Shoppe, or the ArtShak. If it’s dinnertime and he is out of his own kitchen, he’ll be supporting local. Maybe Loco Joe’s, Wing and Fish or Inlet View. If it’s dessert, it’s no contest. He’ll be at Beaches and Cream.


Chris Gibson Owner Designer Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops

Personal Interior Style


Favorite Paint Color

“Navajo White.”

Favorite Cabinet Style for Kitchens

“Anything with clean lines.”

If you weren't a designer, what would you be?

“Construction Coordinator.”

All things…kitchen

The Heart of the Home

When you love bringing people together, especially family, a kitchen can symbolize the “heart of a home”. When you love to cook, it’s probably not a surprise to anyone that the kitchen is your favorite room of the home.

To Chris, a well-designed kitchen has the potential to be the central gathering space of a home. And, it’s for this reason that he loves helping people design kitchens they will love. 

If you are seeking to make your kitchen the heart of your home, you’ll appreciate the fact that Chris’ love for cooking makes him the perfect designer for those seeking a functional space. You’ll also appreciate that he brings an open mind and a listening ear to his customers wants and needs. With your vision, Chris can navigate almost any situation to help you make your dreams come to life. 

Where to invest when purchasing new cabinets and countertops for your kitchen?

“Real wood cabinets. Never spend that kind of money on pressed wood.”

Best advice when considering a kitchen remodel

“Planning. Look in books, online, in nature come up with ideas. Once you have a vision I can show you how to make it work.”

What's Every Kitchen Need?

“A family.”

Kitchen Design Spotlight: The Alexander Project

The Alexander Project

When it’s been at least 35 years since your home’s last kitchen renovation and your home was actually built in the 1930s, it’s safe to assume as a homeowner there might be a couple of updates you’d like to make.

For this kitchen remodel, the Alexanders were looking to update their 100% pine kitchen and renovate for their own taste.

Chris’ Takeaway on the Project

Their kitchen is so different in its look now and I feel lucky to be a part of making that happen for them.

Kitchen Remodel 3D Rendering by Chris
Neutral Kitchen Remodel by Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops

Check out the before and after pictures of the Alexander Project and learn more about Chris’ approach for helping the Alexanders save money in the Shallotte feature story “Advanced Shopping Yields Savings in Shallotte“.

Cabinet and Countertop Pairings

Curated by Chris

Brunswick Cabinets and Countertops offers curated collections and designer pairing picks to help locals begin their cabinet and countertop search.

To get an idea of the type of product available to you, check out Chris’ cabinet and countertop selections in our Curated Collections and Designer Pairings Picks.

Curated Collections

Digital lookbooks of cabinet and countertop collections curated by Chris can be seen by visiting our Products page.

Curated Collection Spotlight: The Brunswick Artists’ Collection

To see one of Chris’ collections’, check out The Brunswick Artists’ Collection. This collection used the artwork from local artists as the spark for pairing inspiration.


Waypoint Glaze Drift Cabinetry with Granite White Taupe

Designer Pairing Picks

Chris’ designer pairing picks are handpicked with his designer’s eye. Check out the picks below to see if one of his picks matches your vision for your space. If it does and you’d like to know more about a pairing, contact us. We’d be happy to set up a call with Chris for you to discuss the pairing and any additional questions you may have.

Designer Pairing Pick: October 2020

“Intense Sophistication” – Chris has chosen the Waypoint cabinetry line for his October 2020 pairing. He envisions using Waypoint’s 61040F in the Duraform Espresso with a quartz countertop from Silestone in Noir in a space designed for a wet bar or the ultimate man cave.

This intensely dark combination with white and gold veining in the countertops gives off an incredibly sophisticated vibe.

Designer Pairing Pick: September 2020

“Coastal Grey and White” – Chris has chosen the Waypoint cabinetry line for his September 2020 pairing. He envisions using Waypoint’s 540F in the dark grey Painted Boulder with a granite countertop known as both Pretoria White and Silver Frost.

The contrast of this combination gives us a perfectly cozy yet luxe coastal vibe.

Waypoint 540F in Painted Boulder with Granite Silver Frost Pretoria White

Designer Pairing Pick: August 2020

“A Creamy Classic” – Chris has chosen the Fieldstone cabinetry line for his August 2020 pairing. The cabinet chosen from Fieldstone is the Vance Door Style and shown in Villa Marshmallow. The countertop pairing selected is a granite countertop and shown in White Taupe. The hardware from Berenson ties this beautiful pairing perfect for a traditional kitchen all together. 

Waypoint 750F with Granite Cloudy White

Designer Pairing Pick: July 2020

“Warm and natural neutrals to evoke an island-time serenity” – Chris has chosen the Waypoint cabinetry line for his July 2020 pairing. He envisions using Waypoint’s 750F in Pewter Glaze for the perimeter of a kitchen and Waypoint’s 750F in Painted Stone for an island.

With the two-toned cabinetry, he’d opt to pair with a granite countertop in Cloudy White and selected Berenson’s Weathered Nickel Timeless Charm for hardware.

Waypoint 750F with Granite Cloudy White

Designer Pairing Pick: June 2020

“Soft sandy shades to lighten up your room” – Chris has chosen the Fieldstone cabinetry line for his June 2020 pairing. The cabinet chosen from Fieldstone is the Vienna Door Style and shown in Glaze Dove. The countertop pairing selected is from Dekton and shown in Makai Wild. Tying it all together is hardware from Berenson, specifically, Classic Comfort 1248.

Fieldstone Vienna Glaze Dove with Dekton Makai Wild

Kitchen Designs by Chris

Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Remodel by Designer Chris Gibson
Grey Kitchen Remodel by Designer Chris Gibson
Traditional Kitchen Remodel by Designer Chris Gibson
Two-Toned Cabinet Kitchen Remodel by Designer Chris Gibson

Are you ready to love your kitchen?

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