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Savannah Childress

Get to know more about Savannah Childress, how she creates perfect rhythm, and why we appreciate her so much!


The person

Savannah is the type of person that brings “it” daily.  Motivated by her family and personal work ethic, Savannah is dedicated to giving her best in everything she does. Her commitment to providing exceptional service is fueled by the desire to create a better life for her loved ones.

Outside of the office, she spends time with her family and indulges in her favorite hobbies such as reading, pottery, and music. Her kids bring her immense joy and her hobbies provide her with relaxation and allow her to express her creativity.

When she is not working, she’ll travel and explore new places, as there’s nothing more enjoyable to her than discovering different parts of the world.

The professional

Savannah started her career in administrative work as a Legal Secretary at a local law firm. During her time there, she discovered a passion for clerical work and the satisfaction that comes from finding the perfect rhythm to be successful. Years later, Savannah brought this perfect rhythm to us. She helps us keep the office moving with her dedication, thoroughness, and efficiency and we couldn’t more appreciative.

As our Billing and Administrative Manager, Savannah has implemented a well-organized system, and it contributes to the seamless operation of our business, allowing the wider team to focus on delivering exceptional experiences to our clients. She says “I am all about lists and reminders! You should see my personal calendar on my phone. Implementing a system is key and then just keeping on top of your tasks each day is most important.

The Brunswick County resident

Born and raised in Brunswick County, this place holds a special significance to Savannah—its home. Having spent 30 years here, she has witnessed its growth and transformation firsthand as a local and also cherishes all the history of her life in places across Brunswick County.

When it comes to shopping, she enjoys supporting local businesses. One of her favorite places to shop in the area is Callaghan’s, where you can find unique and locally crafted goods that reflect the vibrant spirit of the community.

And while there are many beautiful spots in Brunswick County, her favorite place is her neighborhood. The sense of familiarity, the friendly faces, and the close-knit community make it a special place for Savannah.

Kitchen Design Consultation with Chris Gibson

What makes you laugh the most?

“My kids and puns.”

What kitchen appliance do you use every day?

“Coffee maker!”

You'll Never See (fill in the blank) in my Home

Insects. Biggest ick. Any wandering stragglers are taken care of quickly.

Favorite paint color

Sherwin Williams Alexandrite.

Favorite local spot.

“Sunset Beach.”

Best place for a sweet tooth fix in BC?

Purple Onion Bakery

Favorite room of the home to see designed well.

Kitchen. I love to bake so a well laid out kitchen, clean and uncluttered, is beautiful to me.

Every kitchen needs _