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Mike Palumbo

Get to know more about Mike Palumbo, his background in construction, and what he believes can make a project feel effortless and stress-free.


The person

Mike grew up in a construction business family. Eventually, he worked for the family’s design and build firm honing his skills in project management and overseeing various construction projects before branching out on his own.

The professional

With a passion for bringing creative designs to life, Mike finds joy in witnessing the transformation of a layout from a computer screen to a tangible construction project. HIs expertise lies in overseeing projects through each phase, from design to completion, and he strives to provide stress-free experiences for each client he works with.

The Brunswick County resident

As a new resident to Brunswick County, Mike is taking a lot of the best local spots in for the very first time and it is safe to say when he has free time Mike is heading to the beach with his family for a stroll with pups or a good sunrise or sunset on the OIB pier. He also seems to have already found his sweet tooth fix at Beach Life Sweets & Ice Cream Shop!


Favorite places to shop locally.

“Any hardware store for an unnecessary project purchase or new tool..”

What's your favorite restaurant in Brunswick County?

“Oyster Rock for dinner, seafood shack for lunch.”

What's your favorite place in Brunswick County?

“The OIB Pier.”

You'll Never See (fill in the blank) in my Home

“Smart appliances.”

Favorite Paint Color

Depends on application, but a go-to is Benjamin Moore Simply White.”

What kitchen appliance do you use every day?

“Gas range.🙌🏻”

Kitchen Design Consultation with Chris Gibson

Favorite room of the home. Why?

The kitchen for cooking up a meal or the “man cave”/garage for lounging or working on a project.

What are your hobbies?

Off-roading, fishing, cooking, and woodworking.

Prioritize What’s Important

Effortless and Stress-Free Transformations

To be stress-free, Mike knows it starts with clear communication. By maintaining effective communication across all aspects of work, Mike can ensure tasks are handled efficiently and projects stay on schedule. 

Mike knows that by sitting down with clients to discuss ideas and presenting 3D renderings at the start of a project, we can help our clients visualize their projects and eliminate worry. Through constant communication and support, Mike aims to make the entire home renovation process as smooth as possible.

When it comes to managing a busy schedule, Mike employs effective prioritization techniques. By aligning his week around unchangeable factors such as delivery dates and building phases, he can ensure that each project receives the attention and resources it requires.

Flexibility is also a key aspect, as Mike handles emergencies with personalized care and adapts to meet individual project needs.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation